Market Data and Fast Facts

  • 96% of people surveyed by the American Trucking Association (ATA) reported that an ad had more impact on a truck-side than on a static billboard
  • 91% of people surveyed stated that they do notice words and pictures on fleet vehicles (ATA)
  • 75% reported that they developed a favorable impression of the company based on graphics (ATA)
  • 74% of super commuters do not watch TV news (The Arbitron Outdoor Study)
  • 56% of respondents to an OAAA survey said they perceive the company to be a successful one when they see an ad on the side of a truck
  • 35% of people surveyed stated that they look closely at ads on the side of a truck (OAAA)
  • 29% of respondents indicated that  they would base a buying decision on vehicle graphics (ATA)
  • 27% of the heaviest commuters do not read a newspaper (The Arbitron Outdoor Study)
  • Those surveyed reported giving 2.5 times more attention to mobile versus static billboard (Perception Research Services)
  • On average, heavy commuters make more money, drive more, are higher educated and are more likely to have children (The Arbitron Outdoor Study)
  • Carrier advertising builds brand recognition (Perception Research Services)
  • This advertising medium serves as an excellent compliment to an overall media campaign (IFM)
  • Carrier advertising can be seen in all directions versus freeway billboards in just one direction (ATA)
  • Numerous media sources have stated monthly trailer impressions can range from 100,000 to more than 1 million depending on routes traveled.

Sources: ATA – American Trucking Association; OAAA – Outdoor Advertising Association of America; OAAA and Media Life, “Delivering Brand by the Truck Loads”, APN Transit

Outdoor Study (Arbitron)

National In-Car Study (Arbitron)


“Outdoor Study” and “National In-Car Study” courtesy of Arbitron.  We recommend visiting as a terrific advertising research resource.